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General Information

Nametravelling gun irrigation system (sugarcane),
Infrastructure Process
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Time Period

Product Flows

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment
1travelling gun irrigation system (sugarcane), production, per ha/AU U4.000000E+1ha

Input Processes

NameUnitAmountMathematical relationComment
Polyethylene, HDPE, granulate, at plant/RER U/AusSD Ukg9.980000E+0
Disposal, polyvinylchloride, 0.2% water, to sanitary landfill/CH U/AusSD Ukg1.055000E+1
Extrusion, plastic pipes/RER U/AusSD Ukg9.980000E+0
Extrusion, plastic pipes/RER U/AusSD Ukg4.500000E-1
Polyethylene, LDPE, granulate, at plant/RER U/AusSD Ukg4.500000E-1
Extrusion, plastic pipes/RER U/AusSD Ukg3.000000E-2
Aluminium, primary, at plant/RER U/AusSD Ukg2.928200E+1
Polyvinylchloride, at regional storage/RER U/AusSD Ukg9.000000E-2
Drawing of pipes, steel/RER U/AusSD Ukg1.000000E-2
polypropylene, PP, at factory gate/AU Ukg3.000000E-2
Steel, low-alloyed, at plant/RER U/AusSD Ukg1.000000E-2
Section bar extrusion, aluminium/RER U/AusSD Ukg2.928200E+1
Extrusion, plastic pipes/RER U/AusSD Ukg9.000000E-2

Output Processes

NameUnitAmountMathematical relationComment

Flows from the environment

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Emissions to air

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Emissions to water

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Emissions to soil

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Non-material emissions

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment