production of a shed used for agriculture - XML file viewer

General Information

Nameproduction of a shed used for agriculture
Infrastructure Process
Reference quantity
Sub Category
Included Processes
General CommentThis is a default entry as we cannot create persons without company information for the EcoEditor.
TechnologyAverage technology
Time Period

Product Flows

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment
1shed, bare floor/AU U1.000000E+0m2

Input Processes

NameUnitAmountMathematical relationComment
Extrusion, plastic film/RER U/AusSD Ukg2.680000E-2
Fibre cement corrugated slab, at plant/CH U/AusSD Ukg6.730000E+0
Fibre cement facing tile, at plant/CH U/AusSD Ukg3.830000E+1
Gravel, crushed, at mine/CH U/AusSD Ukg3.090000E+2
Disposal, building, waste wood, untreated, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg7.720000E+1
Steel, low-alloyed, at plant/RER U/AusSD Ukg8.280000E+0
Disposal, building, reinforced concrete, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg6.310000E+2
Disposal, building, bulk iron (excluding reinforcement), to sorting plant/CH U/AusSD Ukg1.180000E+0
Polyethylene, HDPE, granulate, at plant/RER U/AusSD Ukg2.680000E-2
Excavation, hydraulic digger/RER U/AusSD Um33.520000E-1
Sawn timber, hardwood, raw, air dried, u=20%, at plant/RER U/AusSD Um32.090000E-1
Copper, at regional storage/RER U/AusSD Ukg6.210000E-1
Disposal, building, cement (in concrete) and mortar, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg3.850000E+1
Disposal, building, waste wood, chrome preserved, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg1.100000E+1
Disposal, building, polyethylene/polypropylene products, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg2.680000E-2
Disposal, building, concrete, not reinforced, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg1.830000E+1
transport, truck, 28t, fleet average/AU Umetric ton*km5.660000E+1
Excavation, skid-steer loader/RER U/AusSD Um31.280000E-2
Concrete, normal, at plant/CH U/AusSD Um39.166667E-30.022/d_concrete*1000
Zinc coating, pieces/RER U/AusSD Um23.050000E-2
electricity, low voltage, Queensland/AU UkWh2.410000E+0
Pig iron, at plant/GLO U/AusSD Ukg5.330000E-1
Disposal, building, brick, to final disposal/CH U/AusSD Ukg4.510000E+1

Output Processes

NameUnitAmountMathematical relationComment

Flows from the environment

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Emissions to air

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Emissions to water

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Emissions to soil

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment

Non-material emissions

Flow IDNameMean ValueUnitGeneral Comment