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Sources and Contributors to AusLCI

AusLCI has been a long term project of ALCAS being developed over the last 10 years. The development of the methodology and data have only been possible with significant contributions from practitioners, stakeholders and some funding agencies. data suppliers who have provide data and funds to make the project happen.

The AusLCI database manual outlines the basic structure and data sources in the database and is availble here.


Agricultural data sets have been developed as part of the AusAgLCIinitiative funded by a partnership of Australian Research and Development Corporations (RIRDC, CRDC, GRDC, SRDC, HAL, MLA, DA, FWPA) and Research Agencies (CSIRO, USQ and Q DAFF), with technical support from Life Cycle Strategies.

Bio-based materials

Bio-based materialshave been developed with support of the the Australian government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.


Concrete data have been developed by Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd with review from Rob Rouwette.The report is available at LCI of Cement and Concrete.


Polyproylene data was submitted by Lyondell Basell with assistance from RMIT Centre for Design.

Poly Vinyl Chloride data was submitted by Australian Vinyl's with Assistance from Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd. The LCA report on the PVC life cycle inventory is available here.

Energy and Transport

Energy and transport data have been provided have been provided by Life Cycle Strategies with some financial support of ALCAS.

Other Processes

Missing background processes are filled using a modified ecoinvent data set developed by Start-2-See.