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AusAgLCI contributors

The agricultural data published in AusLCI were developed by a collaborative project - the AusAgLCI initiative. The initiative was funded by a partnership of Australian Research and Development Corporations.

  • RIRDC- Rural Industries Development Corporation
  • CRDC- Cotton Research Development Corporation
  • Sugar Research Development Corporation
  • HAL- Horticulture Australia Limited
  • MLA - Meat and Livestock Association
  • DA - Dairy Australia
  • FWPA- Forest and Wood Products Association

  • with data and in kind support from Research Agencies

  • CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisations
  • USQ - University of Southern Queenland
  • CSIRO - Queensland Department of Farming and Fisheries

  • with technical support from

  • LCS - Lifecycles

  • The methodology report from the project can be downloaded here .