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Terms and conditions for use of AusLCI

The data presented in AusLCI is provided by data suppliers with no warranties as to its accuracy or correctness. Like all LCI data the AusLCI data should be used with caution, and it is the responsibility of the user to determine if the data is appropriate and adequate for their situation.

Data contained in AusLCI covers individual unit processes, or cradle-to-gate processes where indicated, but not full life cycle data. Users should not make claims or comparisons based on partial life cycle data, in line with good practice LCA principles.

The data provided in AusLCI should be used in compliance with the most recent ISO standards on LCA. Any comparisons or claims made using AusLCI data are solely the responsibility of the data user and they should not be seen or inferred to be endorsed by ALCAS, or the suppliers of data into AusLCI. By using the data you agree that ALCAS, its members and/or the suppliers of data into AusLCI accept no liability for any claims, decisions, tools, or labels based on AusLCI data.